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Rowan's Law- Effective July 1, 2019

The Rowan’s Law concussion awareness rules came into effect in the Province of Ontario on July 1, 2019. After that date, sports organizations must not register athletes under 26 years of age* into a sports activity unless they, as well as their parent (for athletes under 18), provide confirmation that they have reviewed one of the Concussion Awareness Resources (see below) within the previous twelve months.

Furthermore, sports organizations must also not allow coaches, team trainers and officials to serve as a coach, team trainer or official for or in respect of the sports organization unless they provide confirmation that they have reviewed one of the Concussion Awareness Resources, every year.

Links to the documents which must be reviewed are listed below and are based on the age of the player being registered:




As part of the registration process, all players, coaches or parents of players must acknowledge having reviewed the above concussion awareness information. Participants will be blocked from registering until they acknowledge. Please review the information prior to starting the registration process.

Police Records Check

All coaches with Kingston Baseball Association are required to undergo a Police Records Check through the Kingston Police Service.

Processing can take anywhere from an hour to a couple of weeks and you will need to apply for the "Level 3 - Vulnerable Sector Check"Once your check has been processed, please forward to KBA


The goal of the House League program is to provide a safe, fun, developmental environment for players, coaches, umpires and parents. Development is a broad topic, which includes learning the rules, skills and strategy of baseball, but also important life skills such as fair play, good sportsmanship and dealing with adversities in a dignified, positive way.

Little League has a philosophy that every player gets an opportunity to play. Even at the highest levels of Little League Baseball, each player is required to play a minimum number of innings per game and receive a minimum number of at-bats.

Our Baseball philosophy takes it one step further and mandates that every player is given equal opportunity. This means all players must play an equal number of innings in the field and be rotated between positions. Batting orders should ensure players receive an equal number of at-bats over the course of the season. Coaches are strongly recommended to track innings played, positions played, and number of at-bats over the course of the Spring Season in order to ensure the principle of equal opportunity is upheld. Coaches must be able to produce records upon the request of parents or KBA executive that show players have been provided equal opportunity.

Another key goal for our program is balance – as a league we prioritize the balancing of teams. If a team goes undefeated or winless, we have not been successful.

As the coach, your players and their parents will take their cue and behavior from you. Your interaction with umpires, other coaches, and players and parents will play a major role in how your players respond.

As coach, you are expected to behave in a manner consistent with the Little League mandate of espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes. Said differently, KBA Spring Baseball is designed to develop not only the player, but the person. As coach, you have a central part in this development.

You can find numerous online tools below to help you track and maintain records.

Coach Resources

Rule Changes

Little League University - Coach Material

Little League University or LLU is a site created and maintained by Little League International that provides a wealth of information for Coaches. Including: Drills, Practice material, Articles on a wide range of topics, rule explanation, maintenance tips. KBA encourages our coaches to browse and learn with LLU!

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