Fergie Jenkins Showcase League FAQ's:

Q: What levels do we have?

  • 14U (Must be 14 or younger by May 1)

  • 16U (Must of 16 or younger by May 1)

Q: Do colts players that play on the Fergie Jenkins teams play houseleague as well?

A: No, these players only play for the colts as the practices align with the nights of our houseleague games.

Q: Why are the frees more then our little league teams?  

A: while many costs are shared and equal from team- to- team, the increased fees are a result of higher league fees, umpire wages, field time and tournament fees.

Q: what does a typical week look like on the schedule?

A:  a typical week would be comprised of 2 practice nights throughout the week(batting cages and field work) and double headers each saturday and sunday

Q: how long is the season?

A: The season runs May- august with the possibility of fall ball throughout september.