Little League FAQ's:

Click here to determine your Little League age: Age Calculator

Q: What levels do we have?

  • Rookie (Little League age 7-8)

  • Minor (Little league age 9-10)

  • Major (Little league age 11-12)

  • Intermediate (Little league age 13)

  • Junior (Little league age 13-14)

Q: Can I play Little League instead of houseleague?

A: No- Our Little League teams are All- Star teams selected from our Houseleague Program.  It is mandatory to play houseleague to be eligible for Little League

Q: How long is the season?

A: Our season begins in May and rosters for our Little League teams will be finalized at the beginning of June.  The season runs through August with a possibility of some Fall Ball games.

Q: How much travel is involved?

A: Travel can vary each season dependent on how far you move through the qualifying tournament.  Locations can be found at:

Q; How does the qualifying tournament work and season look?

A: Teams will begin their season playing home/ away travel ball games against competeing Little League teams. (Brockville, Cornwall, Perth, Smith Falls and some Ottawa area clubs)  District 7 Playdowns will begin in early July, the winner will advance to Provincials.  For Major and above, The winner of Provincials will advance to Nationals and the Winner of Nationals will advance to the Little League world series.

Q: what does a typical week look like on the schedule?

A: A typical week for a Colts Little Leaguer would have them playing houseleague 1-2 evenings, Colts practice 1 evening and games and tournaments on weekends.

Q: how many tournaments can we expect on top of our little league playdowns?

A: typically our little league team looks to enter 2-3 tournaments spaced throughout the season.